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ITT Internships

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Keynote speaker - Dr Richard Kueh

Dr Richard Kueh HMI is the Ofsted Subject Lead for RE.

In his talk Richard provided background to the Ofsted Research Review series and will look at the big picture of subject-based curricula, what we can learn from the Research Review, and the role of mentors in developing subject knowledge for their trainees and ECTs

Internship programmes in the Alpha Teaching School Hub area - June/July 2022


Lyons Hall School - Professional Learning Mid Essex (ITT/CTTC/NETT) 

For full details and to apply visit

Contact: Verity Boreham

A teaching internship gives you the opportunity to spend 3 weeks in a school and find out what teaching is really like. You’ll experience being in a classroom, gain new skills, and be paid £300 per week. 

Teaching internships take place during June and July. To take part, you’ll need to be studying for a degree related to the subject you want to teach.

Further information about teaching internships, including details of internships in other areas, is available on the DfE Get into Teaching website.