Early Careers Framework

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The Early Career Framework has been introduced by the DfE to provide support and guidance to ECTs throughout their first two years of teaching.  The framework is structured to further develop ECTs professional practice through online learning, virtual training and the support of a fully trained mentor.


The Education Development Trust (EDT) is the provider for our Early Career Framework and the Alpha Teaching School Hub works in partnership with schools in our Hub Area to deliver regional and local provision to ensure outstanding practice is shared and networked. 

What are the benefits?

  • Proven evidence-led programme of training for your staff, designed around what really works, and how people really learn.

  • By signing up for the full induction programme through Alpha Teaching School Hub, schools will have the option to have a structured or flexible programme to meet the schools, ECTs and mentors needs.

  • The full induction programme through Alpha Teaching School Hub ensures that schools have additional funding of 56 mentor payments and free training.

  • Access to high quality key note speakers.

  • Manageable training and workload for mentors, carefully constructed to be compatible with school life – with the realities of a teaching timetable and school commitments in mind.

  • Educational Development Trust work with Iris Connect to give this free resource to all schools through our full induction programme.

  • Exceptional professional development designed for ECTs, where they will learn skills they can use straight away.

  • Chunked, engaging and accessible online learning, alongside face-to-face and virtual training delivered by school-based experts. 

  • Bank of exemplification materials. Peace of mind… our central and Delivery Partner teams manage all aspects of the training, freeing up in-school staff to focus elsewhere.

100% of ECTs said that it was useful to discuss and share ideas with other ECTs

100% of ECTs said that they felt that the training met the learning objectives

100% of ECTs said that they felt able to apply what they had learnt to their practice