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Where do I need to register my ECT(s)? 

You'll need to register your ECT(s) and Mentor(s) on your DfE portal and via your chosen providers website for the ECF programme. You will also need to register your ECT to an Appropriate Body. 

How do I find the events I should attend?

Please sign in to your Best Practice Network Participant Dashboard (see page  Partner Dashboards) You will see an Events tab, click on this to see the dates and times of the training you need to attend.

Who do Alpha Teaching School Hub use as their provider? 

Best Practice Network -ECF_Webinar_Slides_2022.pdf (

What do I need to do if an ECT is leaving the school half way through their ECF programme?
Please notify your Appropriate Body,
ECF provider and Teaching School Hub that your ECT is leaving and they will update  their records and notify the DfE accordingly.


Can a mentor continue on the ECF programme if their ECT leaves during the two years? 

Yes, a mentor can continue their training to become a qualified mentor if their ECT leaves during the two years. This decision is between yourself and your school, however, please notify your Teaching School Hub and provider so they are aware. 

If I am new to mentoring and have a year two ECT, how do I follow the ECF programme? 

You will need to begin the programme from the beginning (even if you are replacing a mentor) You will attend your training as per your dashboard and have a read only access to year 2 materials as you will not be expected by the DfE to complete. 

I'm a mentor that has already completed the ECF programme, do I attend the training 
No, you will not need to attend any face-to-face training and will have a 'read only' access to the ECF modules. Your school will not receive any funding for a 'qualified' mentor.

Can a ECT continue on the ECF programme during Maternity Leave? 

No, you are unable to continue your ECF programme during this time. You will be deferred and extended on the programme. Please speak to your Appropriate Body and ECF provider for further information. 

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Young Teacher

What NPQ's do Alpha Teaching School Hub deliver? 

Please visit Best Practice Network's website for all NPQ's we deliver NPQs for UK Schools | Best Practice Network

Where are the training events held if Alpha Teaching School Hub are delivering? 

All training days will be held at Colchester County High School for Girls, Colchester, Essex. 


Can I complete an NPQ without QTS? 

Yes you are able to complete an NPQ without QTS - please click HERE for more information. 

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Appropriate Body

What is an Appropriate Body? 

An Appropriate Body will quality assure statutory teacher induction and 
provide data to the Teaching Regulation Agency to record the progress of early career teachers.

What are the costs to use Alpha Teaching School Hub for the Full Induction Programme? 

The cost is £245 per ECT per year. This is charged in Term 1 and Term 4 of their induction. 

What happens if we are late registering to an Appropriate Body? 

Please contact your chosen Appropriate Body provider to discuss, as providers procedures may differ.

What is the length of absence allowed before an induction should be extended?The DfE’s Statutory Induction Guidance (Section 3) states:
(3.6) The induction period is automatically extended when an ECT’s absences per year of induction (or pro-rata for PT) total 30 days or more
(3.7) ECTs who take statutory maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental leave, or parental bereavement leave may decide whether their induction should be extended*

Can my ECT have a reduced induction?

The DfE’s Statutory Induction Guidance (Section 3) outlines 3 circumstances in which the appropriate body can grant a reduced induction (3.2)
- ECTs who followed the Assessment Only route
- ECTs with significant prior experience of teaching groups of pupils within the relevant key stages
- ECTs who are part-time and have completed the equivalent of 2 academic


DfE Appropriate Body Reform (May 2023)

Click HERE to read the latest information on the Appropriate Body reforms by the DfE.

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