Meet Our Strategic Partner Board


Caroline Wilson

Executive Headteacher of Ormiston Sudbury

I am Principal at Ormiston Sudbury Academy, I have been in this role for nine years and in this time have had the privilege of rising to the challenge to deliver a good holistic education for our students, receiving a good judgment from Ofsted in 2014 and again in 2018. I have worked as an Executive Principal for Ormiston Academies Trust developing skills to support, challenge and influence change. I believe that education should be available for all, regardless of background, starting point or perceived barriers to learning; I offer an all-inclusive education for the town of Sudbury and its neighbouring villages.


I graduated from Leeds University and then worked in Yorkshire as an English and drama teacher, gaining responsibilities after my first year as the Gifted and Talented lead then moving on to leadership roles including: Head of Year, Assistant Head Teacher and Vice Principal. I moved to Suffolk for my current role and have never looked back.


My passion is to encourage everyone to have a thirst for knowledge, to continue learning and to share with the next generation. It is an honour to be part of the Alpha Teaching School Hub in developing colleagues new to the profession and guiding those in post to new levels of challenge.


I am currently developing a SCITT within the Academy to encourage more teachers in to the profession, in particular to consider Performing Arts and Creative subjects, to support the industries which have been heavily affected by the recent pandemic.


Samantha Torr

Director of Alpha TSH

After my NQT year I held a position in charge of GNVQ Business Studies. I also took on additional responsibility as a Head of Year, and went on to specialise in an advisory role for Behaviour Management for Primary School Headteachers. After this appointment I was fortunate to gain a position as an Assistant Head of Department at a large comprehensive school, and eventually promoted to Director of Faculty and then a further promotion to Senior Leadership. I was an integral part of the school improving from Ofsted grading of  'notice to improve' to 'good'. Under my leadership the Sixth Form became outstanding; delivering excellent outcomes; supporting students in gaining places at Oxbridge for the first time in 20 years.  My role involved project managing a number of collaborations with external Schools, Colleges and Universities; data analysis; curriculum design; pastoral care; staff management of 10 departments and supporting teaching and learning across the school; observations for performance management decisions; setting strategy of school development priorities and evaluation.  Additionally, being Director of eacher training; delivering leadership training, strategic marketing planning and supporting schools with recruitment and retention. Setting up many collaborations with school organisations and insitutions such as The University of Essex in the past has enabled sharing to promote improvements and practical impacts on outcomes. Such successes are routed in recognising abilities and strengths in others and working with these, to make a positive impact, and enabling teachers to enjoy the profession. This is the ethos which I hope to bring to Alpha Teaching School Hub.


Linda Exley

Headteacher of Gilberd High School



Richard Potter

Headteacher of Home Farm Primary School & Primary Lead for Alpha TSH

I am currently the Headteacher of Home Farm Primary School and Primary Executive Principle in the ALPHA MAT, I have led in Infant, Junior and Primary schools for over 20 years across Essex and the London Fringe areas.


Originally beginning my career as an Early Years teacher, I have taught across all three primary key stages before leaving the classroom as a Year 6 teacher having gained experience through subject leadership and as a deputy headteacher.


As part of my work in the community and in supporting other schools, I sit on the Executive group for Essex Primary headteachers, with the role of Vice Chair for North East Essex. In the recent past I have been part of the Local Authority School’s Forum  and several years leading within the Colchester School’s Consortium. I also sit on the directing boards of both the national Computing at School Initiative and the Colchester Teacher Training Consortium where I also assist with input to Trainee Teachers on the Primary Course.


As a life-long learner, passionate about self-improvement, I am a Local Leader of Education, trained to NPQEL standard and currently working towards my Charter Leadership qualification. 


Simon Wall

Headteacher of Lexden Springs & SEND/Alternative Provision Lead for Alpha TSH

I completed my PGCE  at Leicester university and was lucky enough to get a position in a small village school south of Loughborough. It was here I realised I had a passion for special needs. The school overtime became a very successful and completely inclusive primary school where everyone in the village was welcome and valued as a part of the community.


After a number of years I moved to a SLD PMLD special school in Clacton and became Head of Post 16 education where I introduced a life skills curriculum and work experience programme. Seeking to develop myself further I moved to a large SLD MLD PMLD special school in Chelmsford to run the early years and nursery setting. During my time there I was promoted to deputy headteacher.


Whilst at a training session with a SEMH /EBD  school, my interest piqued and knowing nothing of this sector but being very intrigued, I applied to be a teacher in a SEMH/EBD school. Over the following years, I became head of key stage 4 . My time in SEMH/EBD was some of the most mentally stimulating and rewarding teaching experiences I have ever had.


After nearly a decade in a SEMH/EBD school I moved to my current school Lexden Springs where with my amazing team we have created a therapeutic school, centred around research and the very best practice for our special pupils.


After 25 years in special needs my personal ethos come in three parts. Firstly to ensure that all children remain firmly at the centre of all we do. Secondly to ensure that no child is forgotten or left behind. Thirdly working to equipping all teachers with the skills and knowledge to teach all pupils. I hope to bring this triad to the strategic board meetings.


Gillian Marshall

CEO of Alpha Trust



Mark Orrin

Headteacher of Trinity School



Lyn Wright

CEO of Sigma Trust



Sally Morris

Headteacher of Manningtree High School

Sally’s teaching career starting in Cambridgeshire in 1992 and in the intervening years has spanned 5 more counties and several phases. Her senior leadership roles have included leading on pastoral care, running a teaching school, leading on teaching and learning and data, curriculum and standards. There has never been a school year when Sally has not taught her own class and she is continuously interested in learning from research in order to develop her own classroom practice.

Sally became Headteacher of Manningtree High School in September 2015. She characterises the school as being one where staff are very interested in making subject specific changes that are proven to have positive effects on student outcomes and developing their own skills. In 2021 Sally completed a Masters in Education Management.


Anita Krishna

Orwell Teaching School