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Research in Education

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Our Partner Research Schools

Evidence Leads in Education

The Alpha Teaching School Hub in conjunction with Unity Research School and Ipswich Associate Research School is seeking to train a cohort of regional Evidence Leads in Education (ELEs), with the aim of establishing a research-led network across the locality. In the first phase we are seeking to designate up to 10 ELEs across the Hub area which covers the 4 LADs of Colchester, Ipswich, Tendring and Babergh.

Applicants will be high performing teachers, middle or senior leaders, with a deep understanding of evidence-informed practice which is already being applied in their own school setting. They will also have the skills and passion to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools. It also provides host schools with the opportunity to recognise and further develop talent and expertise.

If you are interested in working as an ELE, with close links to the teaching school and with the EEF then please complete the application form and email it to

If you are interested in an ELE working on a project in your school or multi-academy trust please complete the form below.


ImpactEd is a non-profit organisation that exists to help evaluate, understand and improve impact in education. ImpactEd was established to help schools better understand what is and isn’t working for their pupils, giving them access to robust research methodologies to assess impact, and making evaluation quicker, easier and more effective. This helps schools to work smarter, not harder - so they can focus on what is making the biggest difference for their pupils and do less of what might not be.

Essex Task Force

Coming soon, the Essex Task Force. Read these articles to find out more.

I Can Charity

It is no surprise that children’s development has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. They have lost months of being in school and nursery and daily chances to interact with the outside world. But now we are seeing the true impact this has had.

Speaking Up for the Covid Generation paints a worrying picture for nearly 1.5 million children struggling to be able to speak and understand what other people are saying to them. This should be a wake-up call to Government and the education sector. It is now vital that emergency support is put in place so that the Covid generation do not suffer long-term, lasting damage.

EEF Report on the 'Impact of Covid'

Later in Spring, the EEF will be publishing an important 'Impact of Covid' report, which will synthesise the key evidence related to the pandemic. This report will be enriched by targeted school case studies that represent a range of schools. We are looking for concise 2-3 paragraph quotes from teachers and school leaders looking at impact on KS1, KS2, early years and the wider non-academic impact. There will be four in total, focusing on teachers/school leaders’ observations of their pupils post-lockdown, the diagnostic work undertaken in the classroom as a result, and what this showed. We will want to attribute quotes to specific schools, and ideally, there'll be a balance of schools from the RSN and outside of the RSN.We are aiming to have the drafted case studies for Monday 14th March. We recognise this is a quick turnaround and appreciate your support.If you are interested in being the focus of a case study or wish to nominate a school outside the RSN please contact Alex Quigley (

Research Mobilities in Primary Literacy Education: Invitation to expression of interest

Our friends at Sheffield Hallam University are looking for primary teachers working in England with a particular interest in the teaching of literacy to participate in a new research project, Research Mobilities in Primary Literacy Education which will run from January 2022-January 2024. They want to find out about teachers’ experiences of accessing research evidence linked to primary literacy education. Participation will involve joining workshops and focus groups with other primary teachers, and/or participating in interviews and logging encounters with research. The flyer, available here, provides further detail about the project and what is involved. If you think you might like to be involved, or if you would like to know more about the project, please register your interest by completing the online form linked here.

School Engagement Group

We want to learn more about teachers and school leaders’ current priorities and the challenges they’re facing in the classroom.

If you have the capacity, we would be very grateful if you could complete this short survey, which will inform ongoing decision making at the EEF. Please see the survey linked here

Stop and Think, bust misconceptions in maths and science

The EEF is funding a study in collaboration with the Behavioural Insights Team, which will focus on testing a new maths and science programme called ‘Stop and Think’. The study will run during next academic year (2022-2023).

If you’re interested in taking part in the project or wish to signpost others to it, please email or click here to book in a 15 minute call.

This is separate from the Accelerator Fund projects and is open to schools in all regions across the country. We would appreciate you sharing this information via your networks and on your social media platforms.

PIPA Mental Health trial

The PIPA Trial is looking at preventing anxiety and depression in young people aged 11-15 using online resources to help improve families’ knowledge and awareness of mental health. They are looking for schools to participate in a two-arm, randomised controlled trial. For more information on this please look at the information saved here.

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