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Evidence Leads in Education

The Alpha Teaching School Hub in conjunction with Unity Research School and Ipswich Associate Research School is seeking to train a cohort of regional Evidence Leads in Education (ELEs), with the aim of establishing a research-led network across the locality. In the first phase we are seeking to designate up to 10 ELEs across the Hub area which covers the 4 LADs of Colchester, Ipswich, Tendring and Babergh.  


Applicants will be high performing teachers, middle or senior leaders, with a deep understanding of evidence-informed practice which is already being applied in their own school setting. They will also have the skills and passion to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools. It also provides host schools with the opportunity to recognise and further develop talent and expertise.


If you are interested in working as an ELE, with close links to the teaching school and with the EEF then please complete the application form linked below and email it to

Application Form


Please click here if you are interested in an ELE working on a project in your school or multi-academy trust.


ImpactEd is a non-profit organisation that exists to help evaluate, understand and improve impact in education.  ImpactEd was established to help schools better understand what is and isn’t working for their pupils, giving them access to robust research methodologies to assess impact, and making evaluation quicker, easier and more effective. This helps schools to work smarter, not harder - so they can focus on what is making the biggest difference for their pupils and do less of what might not be.


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