Technological Skills


The Alpha TSH are working in partnership with Couples Academy EdTech Demonstrator School, Harlow College EdTech Demonstrator School and West Suffolk College to deliver CPD in technological skills.  

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Unity EdTech

Unity EdTech (a partnership between Coupals Primary Academy and Thomas Gainsborough School), have now commenced a second year of fully funded support to schools in the East of England. This programme continues to be responsive to your needs and highly customisable to whatever you have in mind for the next two terms. We have strengthened our delivery team and are ready to walk your EdTech journey with you providing practical and/or strategic support.


We are especially focussed on the following areas:

  • Learning recovery - including models to deliver out of lesson support and tutoring;

  • Inclusive and accessible curriculum - helping all learners, at all stages access your curriculum;

  • School & college improvement - how EdTech can support any of your improvement objectives;

  • Resources management - how to safely and effectively manage your portfolio of services and devices;

  • Teacher workload - how teachers at all stages of their career can benefit from smoother workflows, including around coaching and CPD.