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Continued Professional Development

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Business Presentation
Improve Learning Using Edtech & Multimedia

FREE 3 day course
Learn how to effectively utilise simple, free edtech tools to supercharge learning.


Topics include: Digital tools to help teach mathematics, understanding AI, adding interactivity to presentations; working with sound and images; Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR)

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Discussing Books
Talks &

Working with Lexden Springs Residential Special School this course offers advice in planning, differentiating and personalising of the curriculum for particular SEND students within your school.

You are invited to attend a tour of the school, view resources and classroom practice

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Young Teacher
Subject Forums 

 Subject Forums will allow you to look at latest research in your subject area and to explore how you can incorporate this into your classrooms practice


Subject Forums are delivered in partnership via Curriculum Hubs, and the Eastern Region Teaching School Hubs

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Advantaging the Disadvantaged

This course is focused on areas identified by your school, starting with a bespoke headteacher consultation and discussion with Subject Leads and teachers in each area.


Year long support and drop-in network sessions are offered

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SEND Solutions 

SEND Solutions course provides opportunities to explore the potential issues in the class setting and provide a range of strategies for teaching staff to consider.


There will be options of break out rooms to share good practice and be solution focused.

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Word  Aware

Word Aware is a structured whole school approach to promote the vocabulary development of all children and full of practical and inspiring ideas that can be easily applied by busy classroom practitioners to develop both spoken and written vocabulary. 

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