The Role of the Appropriate Body

You must sign up to an Appropriate Body independent of whichever ECF programme that you choose to follow.

Appropriate Bodies will continue to:


•Check that the post is suitable for Induction and the ECT has QTS

•Complete all registrations and returns to the TRA

•Provide a telephone and email helpline, including named contact for confidential issues

•Check that ECTs are receiving their statutory entitlements

•Monitor assessments and make the final decision as to whether an ECT has satisfactorily met the Teacher Standards based on the recommendation of the Headteacher

•Support schools with struggling ECTs

•Provide courses for Induction tutors and ECTs to ensure they are fully informed about their roles and responsibilities

•Make decisions regards extensions or reductions in exceptional circumstances, in line with the guidance

•Provide additional CPD


What are your AB options as a school?


●Teaching School Hub

●Local Authority

●National Teacher Accreditation

●Local Authority in which the school is situated