What's new?

●ECF is a central aspect of induction - expectation on schools (paragraph 2.39)

●The Appropriate Body has to check that all ECTs have access to CPD based on the Early Career Framework and record what programme they are following

●No additional checks for those on the Full Induction Programme

●Fidelity checks for schools choosing to follow one of the Core Induction Programmes using DfE supplier accredited materials and resources or their own version of the ECF

●NQTs are now referred to as ECTs

●Induction is now two years 

●Additional 5% funded timetable reduction for ECTs in year two 

●Clear and separate roles identified for the mentor and Induction Tutor.  Essentially the mentor will support the ECT’s development linked to the ECF and the IT is responsible for monitoring and assessing the ECT against the Teacher Standards.

●Two formal assessment points - one at the end of year 1, one at the end of year 2 

●Four lighter touch progress reviews in terms 1,2,4 and 5 

●Induction period can be reduced to two academic years for ECTs working part-time if they are meeting the Teacher Standards 

●Number of ad hoc absences has been extended to 29 days in each year

Core Induction materials: